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    Company Profile

    Anyang Lida railway equipment limited liability company was founded by Lei Siqing et al., mainly engaged in R & D and manufacturing railroad rails buckle production and processing of complete sets of equipment accessories accessories. At present in the national railway spare parts production system competitiveness.

    Anyang Lida Railway Equipment Co. Ltd is a production, research and development of railway rail fastener parts production enterprises. Mainly in the production of railway special accessories, products cover gauge baffle, baffle plate type gauge steel, special steel turnout, I, II, III and playing for high speed passenger line C4, IV, V, P I, D I, W1 type elastic fastener accessories, all kinds of spikes and other railway lines 43kg, 50kg, 60kg rail joint, various permeating anti-corrosion accessories. All the products of the company unified brand as "mine commander"". The company is committed to serving the Chinese Ministry of Railway Materials Corporation, China Railway Engineering Corporation and China Railway Materials corporation. In the National Railway Bureau has dozens of national key projects, the accumulation of a large number of production experience and technology operation experience.

    Anyang Lida railway equipment limited liability company for three years (05 years starting March) successfully developed set of elastic strip heating system, has obtained a patent certificate in December 08 (Patent No. ZL 20072 0092909.X), this system completely subvert the traditional elastic strip heating of high energy consumption, convenient maintenance and use of heating mode short service life, greatly improving the production efficiency, energy saving effect is very obvious. At present, the national railway spare parts manufacturing enterprises are to follow the use of the patented technology, is expected to be society and enterprises to save energy saving 13 million yuan per year. The company has now become one of the few manufacturers to participate in the Ministry of Railways large and medium-sized projects bidding qualification. The newly developed 3#, 13# flat steel from baffle and baffle has been declared national patent.

    The development of the company and won recognition of superior departments: the Ministry of agriculture of People's Republic of China has won the "national township enterprises famous key enterprises", "national quality management standard enterprise", "Henan Province, the integrity of the law of township enterprises", "Henan province famous brand quality products", "ALD" brand rules "baffle, science and technology in Henan province enterprise of Anyang city", "the contract and trustworthy enterprise", "Anyang city tax advanced unit", "Wenfeng protection unit", "Wenfeng advanced unit" and a series of honorary titles.

    Anyang Lida railway equipment limited liability company products to the production system as the leading, leading products for the elastic rail series, covered with wj-7 type and wj-8 type passenger products, type I and type II, III type elastic strip series of high-speed rail, gauge baffle series, spiral nail series and 43kg, 50kg road 60kg, rail joint (fishplate) series, products covered by high-speed rail, passenger, rail, rail, subway, rail transit general (LRT) system.

    Anyang Lida railway equipment limited liability company currently operates in the United States, Russia, Africa and other places, and lean production, international service, with more than and 260 partners in China, the company covers an area of 200 acres, and has a Anyang branch, a branch of elastic gauge baffle, fishplate (rail joint factory), spike factory, plate factory, rubber pad factory, flat washer and nut factory to help partners to develop manufacturing foreign railway spring bar fastener products, R & D become a production enterprise specializing in lean production, manufacturing, professional services. In 2013, Anyang Lida created repair technology development services company Lida rail and railway accessories complete sets of equipment manufacturing, to provide depth products and services for enterprises, the creation of a "management consulting center" leader enterprise, adhering to the "users to buy the product value can be fully meet the" business philosophy, to help enterprises to develop key talent, build occupation management team.

    Anyang Lida railway equipment limited liability company mainly characterized by lean production technology system as the leading products, focusing on research and development, innovation, to help partners and customers to enjoy high-quality products and services, help partners to improve the enterprise management system, make the enterprise China more respected, support China quickly towards the world first-class railway.



    Let all the employees become spontaneous people with passion to build a national railway industry benchmarking enterprises;
    To enable customers to buy the product values are fully satisfied, with high-quality products and services, to support China's railway into the world class!


    Lida led the staff, daily growth and progress toward prosperity, let all employees live with dignity;

    Three styles:Serious, fast, stick to the promise
    Our goal:To build the country's railway industry benefits the brand enterprises, become the railway industry leader
    Enterprise values:Thanksgiving, responsibility, integrity, dedication
    Action criterion:To ensure the completion of the task, not to find an excuse
    Company three is not behavior:Don't talk about negative people, don't do negative things, don't say negative words.


    Buy authentic cheap accessories, accessories for railway line is convenient for users to choose products, company commitment leader can be used as a guarantee and benefits.

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